In 2004 333 Butternut LLC purchased property in the Town of Dewitt that included the Agway Building and a vacant 10 acre parcel of land that borders Kinne Road, Butternut Drive and Shoppingtown Mall. This parcel is currently zoned residential, and has been zoned residential since the Town of DeWitt began zoning property.  The property is zoned for development as single famiy residences, or with permission of the planning board, several business uses can be applied for.
When the zoning code was updated in 2008, the Town created a new zoning classification, R-3, which permits multifamily dwellings, and incorporated into this new classification the neighborhoods in the Town that have large apartment complexes or several smaller complexes within an area of a few blocks.  There are currently eight areas in DeWitt which are classfied as R-3.  These eight areas are shown on the DeWitt Zoning Map, which is included in the 2017 Comprehensive Plan for the Town of DeWitt.  The R-3 residential areas are depicted in lime green. 
Thomas Douglas, a developer, has filed an application with the Town Planning Board to rezone the property from its present residential classification of R-2 (single family residence) to R-3 (multifamily dwelling), and to approve the construction of three multistory apartment buildings, one building consisting of two and four stories, and two buildings consisting of four stories, with a total of 144 units. The developer has also requested several variances from the Town Zoning Code, for parking variances and set back variances. This application is Town of DeWitt Planning Board file PB-563-2020, with the following publicly released files:
Site Plan Application, dated 11/05/2020
Master Plan, dated 03/01/2021
Rezone and Variance Requests, dated 03/01/2021
Project Views, SK-01 to SK10, dated 02/28/2021, revised 03/01/2021 (note that the developer incorrectlycalls Kinne Road Kinne Street and Butternut Drive Butternut Road)
Survey, dated 7-29-73 and recertified January 22, 2004
A Public Hearing was held virtually on March 11, 2021, at the conclusion of the Hearing, the Chair of the Planning Board directed the applicant to submit a full traffic study to the Planning Board.  The traffic study can be found on the Town of DeWitt website. 
Applicatant submited two additonal documents to the Planning Board in October 2021. 
Documents submitted to the Planning Board follow:  




 Undated October 2021 submission to the Planning Board by the applicant.  The PlanningBoard has NOT approved the application.